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~ClintonAmerica 101 Mngmt~
Disney's Friends For Change (DFFC) is making a HUGE deal about Going Green, so us Clinteens are too! Please do all you can to make our world a much better place, by just starting with a couple of things:
       1. Turn off lights when not in use.
       2. Get off the computer... and go play outside! It saves energy, and wastes energy for you.
       3. When brushing your teeth, turn the water off.

Go to Disney.com/FriendsForChange for more details, and 'reg and pledge.' Even if you're a teenager, and think you are too old for this, it will help the world and set a better example for little ones to 'reg and pledge!'

What do you have to lose?
                   GO GREEN!
Thanks for joining us for the celebration of the REAL King! (Elvis, duh)
We are sad to be ending Summer, but this is a way to end it! Elvis Presley, the color blue, and our 'End of Summer Party' on the 12th! Be there!

She's like 8 foot 4
Blond hair to the flo
She doesn't go out clubbin'
She's hanging with her oven.
(And she doesn't even swear!)  

In our poll, we asked you for your fave artist... if you chose OTHER comment us and tell us who that OTHER is.

We GOT to give it up for our girl.
She wears NO pants.
She can SING and DANCE.
(At the same time...)

Red Week symbolizes excitement.
ClintonAmerica is fixing to get really exciting.
Your LIFE is fixing to get really exciting.
Red is also very warming, so if you need to calm down...
Look at the color RED!


As you all know, (If you do not know, you are living in a cave,) Michael Jackson passed away sometime in June. So we are bringing back some (normal) MJ, The KING of Pop.

Have a "Thriller".

"Beat It!" (Just kidding, stay here.)

"Will You Be There?"

Yes you will.


Hey guys! It's Chan! I am just going to put a few sites on here that help make ClintonAmerica101 possible!

weebly.com: Site Maker 

youtube.com: Video

google.com: Pictures/Lyrics (to make sure song is clean)

imeem.com: Music

poll4you.com: Polls


3) Premiere Wall!



Hey guys, thank you for coming!! Sign the premiere wall saying you were here for the premiere!! (It rhymes!)


SUMMER has finally started in ClintonAmerica! We are as excited as you are! Can't wait to see you here!

~Chan and Haley~


ClintonAmerica101@gmail.com is where you can contact Chan and Haley! We do not send or recieve chain mail. We enjoy it when our Clinteens email us saying: "Hey what's up? I really like the site, but it would be cooler if..." etc.

We send you: updates, questions (such as: "What can we do to make the website AWESOME?" etc.) and ideas that you can say either 'yes' or 'no.'

Feel free to email us!

~Chan and Haley~

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