Disney's Friends For Change (DFFC) is making a HUGE deal about Going Green, so us Clinteens are too! Please do all you can to make our world a much better place, by just starting with a couple of things:
       1. Turn off lights when not in use.
       2. Get off the computer... and go play outside! It saves energy, and wastes energy for you.
       3. When brushing your teeth, turn the water off.

Go to Disney.com/FriendsForChange for more details, and 'reg and pledge.' Even if you're a teenager, and think you are too old for this, it will help the world and set a better example for little ones to 'reg and pledge!'

What do you have to lose?
                   GO GREEN!
5/17/2012 07:56:32 am

I always save energy in my house. You got to "stay green" because earth is depending on us! Remember, visit my site: 254kellykenny.weebly.com.


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